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Sinusitis Treatment In AS Rao nagar Hyderabad

Symptoms of sinusitis can include:

  • Nasal congestion or stuffiness
  • Thick, discolored nasal discharge
  • Pain or pressure in the face, particularly around the cheeks, eyes, or forehead
  • Reduced sense of smell and taste
  • Headache, Cough, Sore throat & Fatigue

Sinusitis can be caused by various factors:

  • Viral Infections: Common colds or flu viruses can cause inflammation of the sinuses.
  • Bacterial Infections: Bacterial sinus infections might occur following a viral infection, particularly if there is a blockage in the sinuses preventing proper drainage.
  • Allergies: Allergic reactions to substances like pollen, dust, or pet dander can cause swelling in the sinuses.
  • Nasal Polyps: Growths in the nasal passages can obstruct sinus drainage, leading to sinusitis.