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Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers

Best Hypertension Doctor in AS Rao Nagar Hyderabad

Several factors can contribute to hypertension, including:


Family history can play a role in hypertension.


Unhealthy habits like a diet high in salt, lack of physical activity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and stress can contribute to high blood pressure.

Other Health Conditions

Certain medical conditions like kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and sleep apnea can increase the risk of hypertension.

Managing hypertension involves lifestyle changes and, if needed, medication. Lifestyle modifications include adopting a healthy diet low in sodium, high in fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting alcohol intake, managing stress, and avoiding tobacco use. In some cases, healthcare providers may prescribe medications to help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of complications.

Regular monitoring and management of blood pressure are essential to prevent complications associated with hypertension. It's important for individuals with high blood pressure to work closely with their healthcare providers to develop a personalized plan for managing and controlling their blood pressure levels.