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Several factors contribute to the formation of kidney stones, including:

Kidney Stone Removal Cost in AS Rao Nagar Hyderabad

Treatment for kidney stones depends on the size, location, and composition of the stones:

  • Pain Management: Medications to relieve pain and discomfort are often prescribed.
  • Fluid Intake: Drinking plenty of water to help flush out smaller stones.
  • Medications: Depending on the type of stone, medications might be prescribed to help dissolve or prevent the formation of certain types of kidney stones.
  • Procedures: For larger stones or those causing severe symptoms, procedures like lithotripsy (using shock waves to break up stones), ureteroscopy, or surgical removal might be necessary.

Prevention of kidney stones involves staying hydrated, adopting a balanced diet, and avoiding excessive intake of substances that can contribute to stone formation. Seeking medical advice for proper evaluation and treatment is crucial if experiencing symptoms of kidney stones.